We don't like dampness in walls!
A capillary water barrier based on synthetic resin/rubber

We Will Make Your House Dry! Synthetic Rubber-Based Capillary Sealant Stops Water Migration in Masonry

Damp walls are poor insulators causing increased heating costs and health hazards. They can be a nightmare for any building owner.

We want to help you protect the value of your building. To do this, we have developed a one-step system providing long-lasting protection against upward moisture migration.

This system had to fulfill the following requirements:

  • High permeation rate through capillary passages
  • Excellent chemical resistance to acids and alkalines, nitrates, sulphates, chlorides, etc. Excellent resistance to oxidation, biological attack, UV radiation and below-freezing temperatures
  • High resiliency under vibrations, earth tremors and settling occurring during the drying out phase
The CavaStop 300 capillary barrier system – a specially formulated, chemically balanced blend of impregnating agents, synthetic resins, natural resins and oils – fulfills the above requirements. It provides a fast acting, water-impermeable barrier which is practically inert to environmental attack.
Note: unlike silicification systems, CavaStop 300 does not become brittle when solidified.

The CavaStop 300 system provides numerous advantages over silicification, including:

  • Even in walls with high moisture content, e.g. over 60%, CavaStop 300 permeates the finest capillary passages.
  • Guaranteed full impregnation in one step when the recommended amount for the wall thickness is used. Impregnation is complete within a few hours or days, depending on site conditions. No topping up is necessary.
  • Does not become brittle on solidification.
  • Smaller injection boreholes.
  • Unaffected by below-freezing temperatures and dissolved salts.

capillary barrier system can be used with all mineral construction materials including brick, sandstone,
sand lime brick, concrete, quarrystone, etc.
has excellent permeation properties and can be used with ventilated brick, hollow block brick, etc. without need for prior filling with cement emulsion compounds.
  is introduced into the masonry by a pressureless gravity-feed process. The supply cartridges are inserted into injection boreholes angled at approx. 40°, allowing the compound to permeate downwards through the structure.
  The superior quality of CavaStop 300 is documented by official materials test certification.
  WTA certified.
  is highly economical. Its application process is both easy to use and safe.
Like all water repellent compounds, CavaStop 300 is suitable for waterproofing pores and capillary passages, but cannot be used for sealing against pressing water.

The CavaStop 300 system allows renovation of walls without structural modifications and static risks such as those involved in chiseling or sawing procedures. The building can be used throughout the injection process and afterwards.

is a simple, easy to process and long-lasting horizontal moisture barrier and carries a 10 year performance guarantee. Injection can be carried out by the owner after receiving training and instructions from the supplier